School Testimonials

Greg was outstanding.  His humor, tricks, animals and  knowledge had the kids thoroughly entertained.  He  engaged the kids from Kindergarten through 5th grade.  Many of the teachers said it was the best Assembly  program they have ever seen at our school.  Thank you!  

Michelle Allario

River Eves Elementary School  

Roswell, Georgia


Safari Greg was wonderful & his personaluity had the  kids in stitches. He made the show fun but they also  learned a great deal about animals & their habits &  habitats. I would recommend him to other schools and  we will be inviting him back next year. He touched on  many of the Florida SSS with his presentation.  

Gay H. Martin  

Sleepy Hill Elementary  

Lakeland, Florida

Safari Greg was outstanding!  He captivated the children  with his humor and wit.  The content was perfect for  our curriculum & delivered with enthusiasm and  creativity.  Thanks so much ‐ we would love to have this  program again next year!

Melissa Pittorino

Pompositicut Elementary School  

Stow, MA    

Greg was awesome. The kids really loved the show. We  look forward to more of his programs next year.  

Therea Mazzarella  

Oak  Grove Elementary  

Acworth, Georgia

EXCELLENT PROGRAM!  Both students and teachers  loved it! The animals were great and the use of humor  and magic really kept the crowd interested. I would  highly recommend this program! Thanks for making  such a wonderful show available!  

Karen Golembieski  

New Monmouth Elementary School  

Middletown, New Jersey

The Circle of Life Assembly (Amazing Urban Safari) was outstanding. The  presenter was great, funny and kept the students'  attention fully every moment. His flare for a little magic  which he added to the presentation of the animals still  has the students talking. Great assembly!  

Barbara Xavier  

Garden Elementary  


Greg was fantastic!  Definitely an asset to your  organization.  The kids loved the show.  

Karen Boivin  

New Searles Elementary  

Nashua, NH

Safari Greg was fantastic!!! He was full of energy and his  presentation was exactly what we were looking for ‐  fun, yet educational. Thank you for a fun day!  


Mountainview Elementary  

Saugus, CA

Safari Greg did an outstanding program that combined  fun, excitement, and education.  It was the highlight of  our week.  

Lisa Wilson Carboni  

Carolina Friends School  

Durham, NC

This assembly kept students engaged throughout the entire performance.  Almost 3 months later and students still utilize the suggestions presented to them on how to be friendly to others.  Thanks so much.

Reginald M. DePass

Feaster Charter School

Chula Vista, CA 

This presentation was so enjoyable, the children didn't realize how much they were learning. Bernadette Cooper

St. Albert the Great School

Louisville, KY 

This was a fantastic show that was interactive and engaging for students.  He did an awesome job teaching the students about bullying. It went very well with our curriuclum and we plan on having the program again next year.

Angie Taylor

Fannie Bush ES

Winchester, KY 

The bully program was FANTASTIC!!!  He did a phenomenal job. We were very happy and our students really got a lot from his ideas and presentation. Thank you for sharing him with us! Matthew J. Aborn 

Head of Lower School East Woods School

Oyster Bay, Long Island, NY 

The program was highly interactive and lively, keeping the students attention. Also the presentor was able to change up the presentation for the older students. We were very pleased with this program.

Jean Berkowitz

White Township Consolidated School

Belvidere, NJ 

Just to let you know we truly appreciated the Antibullying show this morning.  It was a great way to get our own conversations started.  Many thanks!

Barbara Haney

Head of Lower School Grace Church School

New York, NY 

The students, teachers, and administration at Wayside really enjoyed the anti-bully program! The students were eager to participate throughout the show. They also gained a lot of knowledge in regards to bullying and how to prevent it from happening. The teachers were also very impressed with the show and how the students responded. His enthusiasm was fantastic!

Amanda Pfeiffer

Wayside ES

Ocean, NJ  

The students were enthusiastic, especially with the characters dressed up.  They liked the game show and as the audience were calling out correct answers.  I think all students like competition and this one was a well presented learning experience.  He held the attention of the students and only had to speak to them a few times about their talking but he said it and did it well.  Thank you!

Jane MacDermant  

PTA East Dover ES

Dover, NJ 

I would like to thank you for presenting the anti-bully assembly at our school on September 22. You did an excellent job and kept the students engaged and interested.

David T. Lindenmuth

Supt. Oldmans Township SD

Pedricktown, NJ 

We loved the program.  The presenter was very entertaining, kept the attention of the children and presented an awesome message for the kids.  I know they will remember "SAFE".

Joy Davis

Buford Academy

Buford, GA 

The program was not only entertaining for the students but provided valuable information for our students on the serious topic of Bullying. The presenter did a fantastic job of engaging the students throughout the presentation!

Perry Pinchbeck Elementary School

Richmond, VA 

We were very happy with how he involved the kids in the program and get it down to their level. He did a wonderful job. Thank you!

Ashley Lingle

Pinchbeck Elementary School

Richmond, VA 

GREAT performance - good talk about bullying! Kids were totally hooked on different bully characters - his words have been very helpful in identifying and combating bullying in our school. We strongly urge anyone with bully issues to invite him to perform!!

Mary Raring

Hart Manor Middle School

Killeen, TX 

Some of our "hard core" bully types were discussing the show afterwards and I saw and heard them using some of the strategies from the show.  

Mary Standridge

Trimmier Elementary School

Killeen, TX

I thought this program, and the presenter, was especially entertaining.  I was initially skeptical when told the students would be attending an assembly about writing. However, the presenter and the content was surprisingly fun while simultaneously being informative.  The content was especially useful because he showed the students how to make writing fun. 
Many students are daunted when they attempt to put pen to paper, yet he showed them when you break it down into steps- it is not so hard to do!!

Tracey Albert  

Bentley Elementary  

Sanford, Florida   

What a fabulous way to help students and staff hang on to the 6 traits of writing .  My second and third graders were mesmerized.  The student involvement was an added bonus. Donna Wix McKinley Elementary Susanville, CA  

The students were engaged the entire assembly.  Many families came back in the evening for the evening performance.  Teachers have incorporated the vocabulary.  Great Assembly!

Erica Williams

Dos Caminos ES

Camarillo, CA 
Excellent assembly!!  Academic assembly with a fun and entertaining twist.

Steve Sweeney

Tom Matsumoto ES

San Jose, CA 
This was an awesome show and Greg was amazing. The kids and staff absolutely loved this show and had nothing but good things to say. I would love to have him back to do a different show. Lakesha Davis

Park Ridge ES

Stafford, VA 
I would like to thank you for presenting the 6 traits of writing assembly at our school on October 23.  You did an excellent job and kept the students engaged and interested.

David T. Lindemuth

Supt. Oldmans Township SD

Pedricktown, NJ 
The 6 traits of writing/Treasure of the 6 Traits assembly was wonderful.  Our students loved the interaction between Greg and the audience and can't stop talking about "Banana Jill".  Thanks and great job!

Theresa Ovesen

Vine Grove ES

Vine Grove, KY 
I wanted to send word and to let you know that we had an assembly booked with 6 Traits of Writing at our school on Feb 20th and IT WAS AMAZING! The children loved it and the teachers really were pleased as well.. It was a great show with fun and learning in a classy way. Thank you!

June Heimbuch

Cape St. Claire Elementary School

Annapolis, MD 
Safari Greg was an excellent presenter; he had all the children (1st to 8th grade)involved and participating.  We would love to have him back in the Spring to teach us something else.  Best presentation we've had.

Ottalie Davis  

Panoche Elementary

Paicines, CA

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